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3900 N Causeway Blvd, #1230, Metairie, Louisiana 70002

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Senior Care Services in Westgate, LA

Expert Senior Care Services for Your Loved Ones in Westgate, LA

As people age, their capacity to be fully independent diminishes. As a result, your mother or father will need your help in their later years than before. And while we understand that you’ll always want to be there to care for them, it’s quite understandable that you would be unavailable every now and then. We at Comfort Keepers can help you make sure that your aging parents will be cared for even when you’re not around.

With senior care services, we’ll match your senior loved ones with a caregiver who can best provide the kind of care and companionship that he or she deserves. All our caregivers, may they be part-time, full-time, and even live-in – are trained to attend to the special needs of the elderly.

Our Senior Care Services Employ an Interactive Approach

Because we know that every senior has different needs, every one of our Comfort Keepers is trained to follow a care plan that’s tailor-fit to a specific senior’s circumstances. Does your senior mom or dad have dementia or some special medical condition? Don’t worry, because his or her in home caregiver will keep that in mind.

Our caregivers are trained to adhere to specific needs and instructions to make sure that your senior loved one is cared for in the way that you would have. That way, you can rest easy that someone is there for your mom or dad even when you’re away.

Your loved ones’ needs will be the top priority. We’ll make sure that they’re eating right and taking their meds on time. We’ll also help them maintain their hygiene and groom themselves. Routines will also be followed – from regular walks and exercises to medical and other appointments. Our mobility, transportation, and other services will make sure that your loved one will be able to go about his or her day as normal – with a little help from us, of course.

More than that, we’ll keep your senior loved one engaged with meaningful conversations and games that can promote alertness. This will make sure that they will never feel lonely or bored throughout their days. The house will also be kept tidy with all chores regularly done so that your loved one will be able to live in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment.

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