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Techs Impact on Aging

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Logansport, Indiana.

Techs Impact on Aging

Technology is helping more seniors age in the comfort of their own homes than ever before. Here are three benefits of technology in conjunction with in-home care support. 

Technology has seen a lot of improvement over the years, and this means over the course of adult lifetimes. Most adults have witnessed everything; from the men landing on the moon to significant medical advances, and of course, the rise of a society that now depends on the internet.

Seniors are also aware of the ways in which technology is changing the face of aging. Below are three of the tech solutions that have made an impact on aging by keeping older adults safe, healthy, and socially connected while ensuring that caregiving tasks are less stressful for those that are taking care of them;

Social Connection

According to a survey carried out by United Healthcare in 2012, staying socially connected or engaged is just as important to healthy aging the same way genetics and maintaining a healthy body is. While there’s no tech that can replace the one on one interaction that happens between people, internet-based communication channels such as social media and emails, or video chat services such as Skype, allows seniors to continue enjoying their social interactions when visiting friends and family isn’t too frequent or just not possible. There are internet how-to classes that seniors can check in with, and most seniors have grandchildren that can set them up and let them know how to handle devices and services.


This is another great impact technology has on aging. Seniors who are living alone can now get help just by pushing a button. Studies have shown that most seniors stay in their own homes as they age. Technology has created a way to make them safer should they be staying alone in a house. Any older adult that is living alone should have a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System). PERS is a safety device that is worn by seniors; it allows them to call for help just by pushing a button. Family members, as well as seniors, can now have peace of mind with the knowledge that the PERS can get them help whenever they need it.

Another safety impact of technology on aging is GPS tracking devices. A senior with Alzheimer’s disease, or any other dementia, most especially those that are bound to wander off when no one is looking, should be well monitored and taken care of. There are now GPS trackers that monitor the location of seniors. These trackers can also send alerts to the caregivers enabling them to know where the seniors are and if they are in any kind of danger.

Health Tracking

Thanks to technology, there are now smartphone apps and cloud-based information tracking systems that can aid seniors and their caregivers by helping them keep vital information such as physician contacts, medical history, and medication schedules, and also help them keep their health conditions organized and handy. There are also health tracking tools that allow professional caregivers to have a complete and precise set of information about a senior, thereby helping them make the best treatment decisions.

Comfort Keepers Incorporates Technology Into Care

Technology is helping us provide higher quality care to seniors in Logansport, IN, and the surrounding area. Learn more about our Safety Choice products.