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977 N Oaklawn Ave Ste 106,, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126

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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Home Healthcare Services Can Help Seniors In Elmhurst, IL With Diet & Nutrition

Seniors in Elmhurst, IL can receive dietary assistance with home healthcare services.

The primary goal of Comfort Keepers is to ensure that seniors can safely remain in the comfort, convenience, and familiarity of their own home while maximizing their freedom, independence, and quality of life. For years, in-home care was not a viable option for many seniors. Thankfully, with the wide variety of services and supports now available it is today.

Some of the most common supports needed by seniors are mobility assistance, light housekeeping, transferring and positioning, medication management, laundry, and personal home healthcare services such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and hygiene support.

One of the most important supports is often overlooked and many seniors don't think about it until there is a medical problem: diet and nutrition. Food is fuel for the body. Good fuel provides energy and health while too little fuel or fuel of the wrong type can have the opposite effect.

A senior's nutritional requirements are not the same as they were in younger years. Some of this is due to changes in the senior's body, such as a slower metabolism and less efficiency absorbing nutrients during digestion. Other changes occur due to medications and age-related illnesses that require a special diet.

Seniors who need help maintaining a healthy diet often need nutrition support to eat well on a regular basis. Many seniors struggle with mobility issues, chronic pain, forgetfulness, and other challenges that make it difficult to maintain proper eating habits. With Comfort Keepers home healthcare services, these challenges are quickly overcome.

Not only will a healthy diet and proper nutrition help seniors manage health problems, but they will look and feel better as well.

If your senior loved one could use support with diet and nutrition, consider Comfort Keepers in-home care. A healthy diet goes a long way toward improving a senior's energy and outlook on life. For more information about the many services available, contact a home healthcare services coordinator today.