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Comfort Keepers Elderly Home Care Services Provides Fall Prevention for Seniors in Pasco County, FL

Learn more about how our elderly home care services can help prevent your loved ones fall in their homes in Pasco County, FL

If it is no longer safe for your loved one to live alone, it’s time to consider elderly home care services. Falls are one of the biggest concerns and threats to senior independence. At Comfort Keepers, our caregivers can provide the assistance your loved one needs to prevent falls in the riskiest of places – like the bathroom – but we can also create a fall prevention plan that further reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

Home Safety Assessment

It’s not easy to identify all of the obstacles that can cause a fall. Some of the most common hazards include:

  • Uneven flooring – even subtle changes can be dangerous
  • Area rugs
  • Slippery flooring in the bathroom
  • Clutter in hallways and on stairs

Comfort Keepers elderly home care services perform a complete home assessment for every client. We’ll perform a thorough check for features that may increase the risk of a fall. 

The Dangers of Falls and Injuries

Falls are especially dangerous for seniors simply because they are more likely to suffer serious injuries because of age-related physical conditions. Seniors have a more difficult time bracing for a fall when they have limited mobility. 

Seniors are more likely to suffer broken bones as a result of a fall. Some fall-related injuries take a long time to heal or require surgery. Because falls can cause serious injuries, a home assessment is crucial when creating a home care plan. 

Without help from our elderly home care services the bathroom is an especially dangerous place in the home for several reasons:

  • Hard flooring is slick when wet
  • Rugs can cause slips and falls
  • Getting in and out of the shower can be challenging for seniors
  • Sitting and standing from the toilet can be difficult without assistance

It is important to have a bathroom safety plan for your loved one. Contact Comfort Keepers today to learn more about our elderly home care services and home care solutions in Pasco County, FL.