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Call (352) 221-9583 | 981 Del Mar Dr, Lady Lake, Florida 32159 Coronavirus update
981 Del Mar Dr, Lady Lake, Florida 32159 Coronavirus update

Care Coordination

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Lady Lake, Florida.

Care Coordination from Comfort Keepers Assisted Living of The Villages, FL, and surrounding areas

Nobody knows your loved one like you do. The people nearest and dearest to their hearts are always acting in the senior loved one's best interest, and which is why we listen closely to your input regarding their care. We want to truly understand where your loved one needs to support the most through the assisted living offerings provided by Comfort Keepers. 

We lead a discovery process with home care coordinators who take the time to learn about your loved one's health history, personality, unique interests, hobbies, and living environment. Once we have a firm understanding of these topics, we design a special care assessment that combines your wishes and proven best practices in the in-home care industry. Our expert recommendations will ultimately lead to an assisted living care plan that best fits your loved one's lifestyle. 

During the assisted living plan process, you and your loved one will receive:

  • A first-time assessment and periodic assessments regarding care needs and any important changes
  • A customized plan of care for your loved one
  • A schedule of care
  • Doctor's appointment scheduling and coordination services
  • Specialist and multi-care coordination and communication
  • Family communication center for around-the-clock updates regarding your loved one

While your loved one is receiving in-home care services with Comfort Keepers, our care coordinators and specialists will work with you and your family to ensure that your loved one is always receiving the right care at the right time. Our care coordinators are your family's primary point of contact and are also the individuals that are responsible for continuous assessment of your loved one's needs and scheduling of services. This arrangement greatly simplifies your experience and also designates levels of service and accountability that will be hard for you to find elsewhere. Comfort Keepers of The Villages, FL is ultimately dedicated to making sure that your senior loved one is able to live happily within the comforts of their own home. 

Convenient Monthly Billing

It's important that our processes don't interfere with your daily life. We also understand that it's important for you to be able to budget for care. We offer a consistent fee that is billed every month and ensures that your loved one's care is comprehensive and not confined to a number of hours. 

If you think that your loved one could benefit from assisted living services in The Villages, FL, please do not hesitate to contact our in-home care specialists today at (352) 221-9583!