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Who Are the Bigger Liars: Men or Women?

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Who Are the Bigger Liars: Men or Women?

March 13, 2015    by Dennis Patouhas

OKAY, this sounded like a fun topic to research, but BOY! This didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. Anyway, I committed to it so here goes…

Everyone has lied at some point in their lifetime and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all encounter situations that either make us uncomfortable or upset and lying provides a haven. Of course, if you feel the need to lie about absolutely everything, you may have to assess the manner in which you make decisions and change your approach. Constant lying is troublesome. 

So the big question is: who are the bigger liars? Men or women? According to recent studies, men are proven to be the bigger liars. When men lie, they are boastful. They lie to look bigger-taller, richer, more sexually attractive, and powerful. In face-to-face conversations and in personal ads, men tend to “inflate” numbers by saying they make more money than they actually do, are taller than they actually are, and have had more sexual partners than is factual. In the workplace, men tend to tell more self-centered lies. They lie about their accomplishments, salaries, and status in an attempt to appear more powerful or interesting than they actually are. Researchers at the Stockholm School of Economics found that men are significantly more likely than women to lie to secure a monetary benefit. 

Men lie and feel less guilty about it than women do, according to a British study. In this study, about 3,000 Britons ages 18 and older took the survey. Results found that a British man tells an average of three lies daily or roughly 1,092 a year and women, on the other hand, lie about twice a day, which adds up to 728 lies a year. Twenty- five percent of men admitted they've lied to their mothers while only 20 percent of women admitted the same. 

Argumentatively, women are better liars than men. In contrast to men, women tend to use lies to minimize–they pretend they are younger, weigh less, and have had fewer sexual partners. Women also tell self-centered lies in the workplace, but they tell more “other-oriented” lies. In author Carol Kinsey Goman’s interviews with working women, she found that female managers frequently reported lying to protect someone’s feelings. 

In her book, Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets, author Susan Shapiro Barash argues that lying is a way of life for women. "A man lies as a quick fix, claims Barash, while a woman carefully guards her secrets to create opportunities, keep friends, and preserve family harmony."

"For the majority of women, the hard work of the lie is the payoff-as long as we pretend to be good girls, cleverly covering our tracks," she writes.

Women are also more likely to fake positive feelings, which is one reason that women smile more than men. While smiling can be a powerful and positive nonverbal cue–women should be aware that, when excessive or inappropriate, smiling could also be confusing and deceptive. This is especially true if you smile while discussing a serious subject, expressing anger, or giving negative feedback. 

A man named Michael Forbes wrote an article about the sneakiness of men and women and in it, he gives credit to a private investigator named Julia Hartley Moore. Moore investigated the subject of affairs between couples and believes that women are sneakier with affairs than men are. "Women are way craftier than men when it comes to having affairs. They're far more manipulative, cunning and calculated," she said. "They make sure they cover their bases, whereas guys don't. That's why guys get caught."

"Just as many women have affairs as men do, that's a fact, but women are far more intuitive and they use that intuition," she said. Men don't use their intuition, claims Moore. 

“They don't think anyone is going to follow them, they don't think their partner is going to check anything. They just don't think”, she says, “they are also terrible at deleting incriminating evidence from their phones when they’re sneaking around." 

To sum things up, men are bigger liars than women though sometimes it depends on the lie and its destructive effects. Women use their intuition and craftiness to get away with shady behavior according to a private investigator. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies." Just be sure not to get caught up in the beauty of lies or you’ll end up with ugliness. 

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