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Call (970) 232-2165 | 514 28 1/4 Rd Ste 5, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 Coronavirus update
514 28 1/4 Rd Ste 5, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501 Coronavirus update

Medication Reminders

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Medication Safety & Management Elder Care Solutions in Grand Junction, CO

Elder care services can help your senior loved one with taking the proper dosage of medication

Very few seniors are blessed with not having to take prescription medication. The fact is that complex medication schedules are a staple challenge individuals over the age of 65 have to meet, which is why proper medication management is an important part of most elder care plans.

At Comfort Keepers, we offer seniors several options for safely keeping up with their medication schedules. What ends up working for your loved one will depend in large part on their prescription medication schedule. Seniors who may take as many as 20 prescription medications during the day but do not have a live-in caregiver or pay for 24 hour home care may consider one of our medication management products. On the other hand, seniors with lighter medication schedules may be fine with a caregiving professional providing them with medication reminders as they help them with other tasks of daily living.

The key to finding a quality elder care solution that works best for your loved one is communication. Speak openly with your loved one and find out what they would like best and be most comfortable with. Remember, making sure your loved one is taking their medication as prescribed could be a matter of life and death for them, particularly with the more complicated schedules.

Like we already mentioned, Comfort Keepers provides two options for the easy handling of medications for seniors. Medication reminders are the first type of care that we provide, and it includes tasks like reminders for when and how to take medications for seniors, reading prescription labels for them, and picking up new medication at the pharmacy. As we are a non-medical home care agency, we do not administer or dispense medication.

The second solution we provide as part of our elder care plans are medication management devices. These small and well-designed devices can be easily incorporated into any home and will alert seniors of when and where to take their medication and leave no room for error. As technology can never replace a senior care professional, we advise our clients to opt for both solutions for increased safety.

The medication safety and management products we offer are the Pill Dispenser, which can hold up to 60 medication cups containing 20 and 25 pills each, the Tab Safe, which was developed for complex medication schedules, and the MedMinder, which can be managed online.

To find out more about medication management solutions and elder care, give us a call at (970) 232-2165.