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Helping Seniors Cope With Loss During Holidays

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Woodland, California.

Home Care Providers Help Seniors Coping With Loss During The Holidays

Comfort Keepers of Woodland, CA employs trusted home care providers who help seniors cope with the loss of a loved one during the holiday season

The holiday season can bring much joy to us and those we love, but this time of year can also cause grief and painful memories for senior loved ones. The right home care providers can help them find mechanisms to cope with the grief they experience around this time of the year.

If your loved one is grieving during the holiday season, it’s important to recognize that this is a difficult time for them. Helping them to grieve healthily, whether it’s the first year or it has been a long time, is one of the many things supportive home care providers can help with. If your senior loved one is grieving, they may be contemplating the following questions:

  • Should I carry on acting like everything is fine with me?
  • Is it alright for me to skip some traditions and rituals that are going to be difficult for me?
  • Should I alter some of my own rituals to make the Holidays easier to bear?

While there are no clear answers to these questions, home care providers can help provide the strength and support seniors need to take charge of their grief.

  • Acceptance. Accepting that the pain after the loss of a loved one will be triggered during jovial times like the holidays. From family decorating time around the house to overcrowded shopping malls, it’s almost impossible to miss the sights of the holiday season. However, accepting that this will be a hard time and by, perhaps, lowering one’s expectations can help in making the holiday season a more bearable time.
  • Preparation. Planning ahead is another way home care providers can help a senior during the holiday season. By planning a daily calendar and avoiding situations and traditions that can illicit painful memories is a helpful way to navigate the holiday season. Doing something altogether different with your senior can be an effective way to build new traditions during this time.
  • Support. Asking for the right help, through counseling and support groups can be a terrific way in helping your senior cope with grief. Realizing that one is not alone, and that others have experienced the same kinds of pain can do wonders in coming to terms with pain.

Whatever the method, helping your senior get through the holiday season can be really rewarding for all parties involved.