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Coping With Loss During The Holidays

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Stockton, California.

Comfort Keepers Home Care Specialists Share Tips for Coping With Grief This Holiday Season in Stockton, Tracy, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers home care specialists are here to help those who are grieving during the holidays

Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan, Kwanza or New Year’s Day are likely to be packed full of memories of your spouse. If you have lost a spouse or life partner, getting through the holidays may seem impossible at first. You may not be ready to face the holidays without them. Before we go any further, you should know that that's completely OK. We all grieve at a different pace and you do not have to pretend to be doing alright for anyone. This is your grieving process. In over two decades as in home care specialists, we have learned a lot about helping older adults grieve their loved ones. Our home care specialists wanted to share what we know in an approachable format.

The holidays can have the effect of really driving home what we have lost. You can get ahead of the situation and work to be triggered as little as possible during this time. Let's take a look at a few possible paths that our home care specialists put together:

  • Be realistic about how different this holiday season will be and the fact that you will be triggered. This will help you not be blindsided.
  • Always give yourself an out in case it no longer feels good to be taking part in a certain activity.
  • Spend time with people that are close to you and be honest about how you feel with them. Do not worry about being a burden or ruining their holidays with your grief. They understand.
  • Try to not completely avoid all holiday festivities. You do not have to participate in all family traditions, but maybe taking part in one or two may feel OK.
  • Do not stifle your emotions. This is your time to grieve and that will involve a lot of emotions.
  • Do things that give you comfort. This may be doing something good like donating or volunteering.
  • Check in with yourself and make sure you are getting what you need. Drink plenty of water, eat well and get all the sleep you need.
  • Consider making new traditions.
  • Do something that reminds you of your loved one. This can be something like lighting a candle or anything else you feel will help you honor their memory.

Grieving is individual and unique for everyone. Do not feel like you have to do anything you do not feel up to.

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