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Signs of Fraud Against Seniors

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Pleasanton, California.

Senior In-Home Care Experts Discuss Consumer Fraud: Keep Your Loved One Safe From Con Artists in Pleasanton, CA

Worried about consumer fraud? Our Senior In Home Care experts offer the following tips to protect your senior loved one from this crime in Pleasanton, CA 

Studies show that nearly 25 million American seniors are victims of consumer fraud each year. Every day a large number of older adults are targeted by con artists. This is why it is necessary to inform your parents about popular fraud.

One of them is health care scams. A con artist will promise your loved one all kinds of services, but in return, they should give them their personal information. With that data, scammers can bill Medicare and keep that money.

Maybe buying prescription drugs over the Internet is cheaper, but it is definitely not safe. Your parents could purchase some meds that could make them even sicker. Some funeral homes target uninformed families and add unnecessary charges to the bill.

There are con artists in the beauty industry, too. Many seniors use anti-age products to make themselves look younger. Unfortunately, scammers know that and sell bogus homeopathic remedies that have no effect whatsoever.

Explain to your parents that it is not wise to buy items over the phone. There are many telemarketing scams out there. Your loved one could pay for an item that will never arrive. With no paper trail or face-to-face interaction, these frauds are very difficult to trace.

If your parent is not too computer savvy, Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton, CA recommend that you help them with using it. This way they will avoid computer viruses that open information on the user's computer to scammers.

It’s normal that your parent wants to keep earning money even after they’ve retired. But make sure they are aware of investment schemes. They come in different forms, from pyramid schemes to complex financial products.

If your senior fall victim to fraud, the best thing is to call their bank company and cancel any debit or credit cards linked to the stolen account. You should reset the personal identification number, too.