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1815-D Contra Costa St, Sand City, California 93955 Coronavirus update

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A Home Health Aide Will Help Maintain Nutrition for Seniors in Monterey, CA

Our home health aides can help your loved ones with their nutrition in Monterey, CA

As you get older, your mind and body just don’t function like they used to. Your metabolism isn’t as fast, you don’t have as much energy anymore, and your senses start fading. Fortunately, you can slow down these changes through healthy and nutritious eating with the help of a home health aide This means consuming the right amount of food for your body and eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, and other essential nutrients.

Eating healthy and nutritious foods can help you live better and longer, sharpen your mind, and more. Some of the more specific benefits of proper nutrition include:

  • Increased energy
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased mental abilities 
  • Faster recovery times
  • Better management of health issues 

How A Home Health Aide Will Help

Many seniors don't get the right amount of food or the right nutrients they need on a daily basis. The lack of proper nutrition may be due to physical issues, such as certain medical conditions, lack of appetite, digestive troubles or even mobility issues. It could also be due to a lack of knowledge about elderly nutrition or an inability to prepare meals. 

We provide elderly nutrition services to help you improve and maintain your health. Because seniors are more susceptible to malnutrition or deficiencies, we will assign a home health aide who has experience preparing and cooking nutritious, balanced meals. Whether you or a loved one needs assistance with grocery shopping, meal preparation, feeding, or all of the above, we would love to help.

Contact us through the website or call us at (831) 886-0475 to learn more about our custom elderly nutrition services. Or schedule a consultation with one of our care coordinators to get started.