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A Comfort Keepers In Home Care Provider Helps Prevent Falls for Seniors in Marysville, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Find out how an in home care provider can assist your loved one in Marysville, CA

Falls are among the biggest health and safety risks for seniors living independently. Not only can a fall result in a serious injury, like a broken hip, but it can prevent seniors from living active lives at home. Due to injuries, many older adults end up in hospitals after they fall and are later unable to return home, having to relocate to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

With the help of a professional in home care provider, your loved one can significantly reduce the risk of falls both indoors and outdoors and age at home for years to come, enjoying a fulfilled lifestyle that allows for plenty of physical and mental activities and opportunities for socialization.

Assessing the Situation

When thinking about fall risk reduction, people usually think about large features that can cause a fall, like stairs. However, large features are not the only fall hazards in a home. That is why it is important that a professional in home care provider reviews your loved one’s home, looking for all the smaller and bigger features that pose a risk to your parent’s safety. Once a complete home assessment is performed, it is easy to take preventative measures that reduce the risk of falls and make your loved one’s home a much safer place for them.

Falls Risks & Injuries

When reviewing your loved one’s home for fall hazards, it is important to look at things from their perspective. Home features that we might not even notice may be very dangerous for them, like unsecured carpets or small tables next to couches and chairs.

Unfortunately, seniors are more likely to suffer an injury even after a smaller fall, a fall that would only leave a younger adult with a bruise or two. Plus, seniors need more time to recover after a fall and even when they do recover, they may not be able to resume independent living. These are all reasons why an in home care provider should perform a home assessment and incorporate it into the bigger home care plan.

Bathroom Safety

When it comes to senior safety, particular attention needs to be directed at bathrooms. You see, with humidity and water all over the place, bathrooms tend to be more slippery than other rooms. But this is not all! Getting in and out of the tub and sitting and standing up from the toilet without bars and handrails can be challenging for seniors. Not to mention that bathrooms are packed with electronic devices that may pose a risk for injury. An expert in home care provider is aware of all these hazards and can make sure your loved one uses the bathroom safely.

Whether you are interested in learning more about fall risk reduction or any of our other services, please reach out to us today at (530) 208-5152 and we will gladly schedule your free consultation!

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