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Comfort Care Services Aide Transferring and Positioning for Seniors in Los Angeles, CA

Transferring and positioning with comfort care makes life more comfortable for seniors in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas

As we age, moving around the house can get more difficult. If you have a senior loved one who struggles to move around properly, yet still wants to live on their own at home, transferring and positioning and comfort care services are here to help.

This essential service will physically assist seniors in moving from one place to another safely, reducing the risk of falls and improving the overall quality of life.

From Here to There

On a basic level, an elderly individual living alone needs to be able to move from place to place without too much risk. For instance, a senior will need to move from the bed to the bathroom to take care of personal hygiene needs. Then, he or she may need to move from the bathroom to the kitchen for some food, and off to the living room to sit on the couch. Transferring service provides a senior the ability to have some help from a caregiver when trying to get from one place to the next.

There are many benefits to comfort care and having assistance with transferring from one spot in the house to another, including:

  • Less risk associated with those movements with trained help and a steady arm.
  • Less temptation to skip out on some of these tasks, like getting to the bathroom to bathe or getting to the kitchen for some food. Since the necessary help will be on hand, it will be easy to go ahead and keep up with these tasks.
  • Comfort in having a companion to help with these chores, not only in knowing that they are easier to complete, but also just in having someone to talk to and socialize.

Stay Away from Bed Sores

Bed sores are caused by spending extended periods of time in bed, especially among those who have trouble repositioning themselves as they lay. Bed sores are a significant risk for a senior who spends most of the day sitting or lying down.

A caregiver who has been trained in comfort care and positioning services can help to keep a senior moving within the bed during the day, avoiding bed sores that may become painful or infected.

Home comfort care is important for many elderly individuals who choose to remain in their homes rather than move to an assisted living facility. At Comfort Keepers, we focus on helping these seniors to achieve the best possible quality of life through things like transferring and positioning, incontinence care, hygiene help, and more. To get started on developing a plan for your elderly loved one in Los Angeles, CA, reach out by calling us at (323) 430-9803 or contact us online today.