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Fire Prevention

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Anaheim, California.

Comfort Keepers In Home Elderly Care Experts in Anaheim,CA and Fire Safety And Prevention Tips For Seniors

In Home Elderly Care experts discuss the importance of fire prevention in the home all year round in Anaheim, CA

When it comes to fire safety, does your loved one have a plan in place? Unfortunately, many seniors do not have a plan in place and this leaves them vulnerable. The Comfort Keepers in home elderly care team is prepared to assist your loved one in creating a fire safety plan that addresses their needs and sees to it that they can get out of their home in an emergency.

Below, our team of caregivers have provided some fire safety and risk reduction tips for all seniors. It is important that you and your loved one take a look at these tips and implement any strategies that are not already in place. If your loved one needs help with implementation, talk to our Comfort Keepers in home elderly care team today.

Fire Safety And Risk Reduction Tips For Seniors

Have A Plan: It is important that your loved one have a plan in place, so that they can safely get out of their home should a fire start. Your loved one should understand this plan and there should be a copy of the plan where they can quickly access it. Each plan should include a primary route and alternative routes in case any of the other options are blocked. The escape plan should ensure that your loved one’s specific needs are met.

Smoke Detection: If your loved one’s home does not have any smoke detectors in place, speak to their Comfort Keepers in home elderly care team to see about having some installed. If there are smoke detectors in your loved one’s home, do check to make sure the batteries are new and that the alarm responds. Depending on the size of your loved one’s home, one smoke detector may not work. You should have a minimum of one per sleeping area in the home to ensure everyone is alerted when there is a fire.

Check The Wiring: Electrical fires are common and to avoid this risk, your loved one should have their wiring checked regularly for any loose wires or hazards. If you do notice any signs that there may be an issue with the wires, call an electrician immediately. Do not take any risks!

Smoke In A Safe Manner: If your loved one does smoke, you should encourage them to practice good smoking habits such as smoking outdoors, putting their cigarette butts out properly, and also remembering not to smoke near flammable items or objects.

Comfort Keepers Can Help Your Loved One

The Comfort Keepers in home elderly care team is ready to help your loved one and provide him or her with the proper care. Our team will make sure your loved one’s home is free from any fire risks and reduce any hazards that do exist. To learn more about how we can help, call Comfort Keepers today.