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Fire Prevention

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Anchorage, Alaska.

Fire Safety & Prevention Tips from Comfort Keepers Senior Home Care Services in Anchorage, Fairbanks, & Wasilla, AK

Are you worried about your senior loved one lighting a fire? Senior home care services encourage you to take the following precautions in the home this winter

The fire accidents situation

A fire has been utilized for quite some time for cooking, as a source of light and to scare away harmful prey. The other side of the coin in the case of fire is the devastating effects of fire accidents. Fire accidents could either be the extensive wildfires or the house fires which are to the tunes of thousands. The frequency, in which such fire accidents occur, implies an equally high number of fire victims; Comfort Keepers senior home care services know that most of them are the elderly.

Statistics indicate that the elderly, particularly those above 65 years account for a whopping 40% of the fire victims. This is further perplexing as they only account for about 10% of the total population. Comfort Keepers senior home care services wish to deal with this issue by first outlined some predisposing factors and the precautions you can take to save the seniors from fire accidents.

Some of the predisposing risk factors

The elderly appear to account for a higher percentage of fire accident victims for a couple of reasons. First, as one age, their physical and mental capabilities take a nosedive, and this is especially so in the elderly. This makes them be particularly vulnerable due to a sluggish response to the fires' accidents. Seniors also tend to utilize their common senses to a dissatisfactory level, a fact that never escapes the minds of Comfort Keepers Home Care employees.

Their reaction time to fire accidents seems to be markedly increased. This has been tied to the anatomical changes in the corpus callosum and other related neural parts. This coupled with medications that most of them use makes them be sleepy and lesser alert to threatening events such as fire accidents.

 We as Comfort Keepers senior home care services believe that taking care of the elderly to reduce the number of preventable fire accidents should be everyone’s goal. Some habits such as paying less attention to your cooking, using greasy cooking utensils and ignoring faulty electric circuits should be avoided or dealt with at a personal level.

To cut down on the chances of the elderly being involved in fire accidents, adopting the tips outlined below will really work the magic.

Tips on Preventing fire accidents

  • Employing smoke detectors; smoke detectors can really aid in the prevention of fire accidents which could spiral out of control. Appropriate placement of these detectors is recommended; in sleeping rooms, on ceilings and for each floor in a storied building.  Don’t forget to clean them and change the batteries on a regular basis.
  • Coming up with a response plan; after detecting smoke and an obvious fire, a plan to escape or counter this should be in place. Indicate where the exit routes will be and the necessary aids should be inaccessible locations.
  • Try out safe cooking practices; kitchen fires can be prevented by being watchful during cooking, using less-greasy cooking utensils and having an ABC fire extinguisher in an accessible location.
  • Be a responsible smoker; considering the dangers of having warm and incompletely burnt smoke, it will be best if you get responsible for disposing of this in a metallic container.
  • Fix your electric faults; dimming lights and overloaded circuits should capture your attention as they need to be addressed before an electric fire razes your home.