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Medical Alert Systems That Extend the Reach of Caregiving

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Opelika.

Homecare Solutions From Comfort Keepers of Opelika, AL

Our SafetyChoice® by homecare solutions offer affordable, reliable security and safety for seniors

Comfort Keepers in Opelika, AL have served the seniors of this great city since 2008. We specialize in putting together one-of-a-kind care plans to meet the exact needs of our clients. But in-home caregiving is not our only specialty. Not every senior needs—or can justify—the services of a human caregiver. All the same, many elderly folks still need reassurance that they can live at home in an environment that is as safe and as secure as possible. Our SafetyChoice® technology devices are simple homecare solutions that add a layer of protection and security for the over-65s living at home.

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How Technology Can Help the Seniors of Opelika Alabama

Sadly, it's not uncommon for seniors to sometimes fall down. Falls and tumbles are major worries for a lot of concerned relatives, especially when their loved ones live alone. Now imagine if the senior had a wearable device with a simple push-button alert. This is a button that notifies someone at a care station in any emergency event, including falls. Well, this is quite possible now, thanks to our "Direct Connection" devices. We call these the 'Personal Emergency Response Systems' or PERS for short.

Live Safe, Independent Lives With Our Homecare Solutions

Having direct contact with a professional, friendly care operative 24/7 is an invaluable around the clock service. It allows seniors to live safe independent lives in the comfort of their homes. We have a family of such devices, each of which fits in with individual lifestyles. They are the ultimate in wearable Emergency Response Systems for the elderly.

PERS types of medical homecare alarms include the following options for seniors:

  • Personal Emergency Response System G2000 (table top device)
  • Cellular PERS
  • Fall Sensor
  • Home and Yard PERS
  • Go-Anywhere PERS

These homecare systems all come with an emergency button that alerts the support control center with a single push. They are available in table-top form or as wearable gadgets such as bracelets and necklaces. Others have a "caretaker" button that you get to use for non-medical emergency situations.

Contact us for a free brochure on our range of homecare solutions or call us direct on (334) 530-6293. One of our professional carers will be happy to walk you through all the benefits of our entire collection of PERS devices and accessories.

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Seniors living at home alone can face risks.

For instance, the risk of falling can be a threat to a senior’s health and quality of life. But no less critical, a dose of medication could be missed, or overdosed. Additionally, for those with dementia, wandering off or engaging in a dangerous activity can put them in harm’s way. 

Consequently, many families face this dilemma: balancing respect for a loved one’s independence with a desire to provide them with home care. No one wants to be overbearing, but all families worry about the time between visits when their loved one is alone. 

Comfort Keepers offers more than in-home care, we also help seniors and their families overcome these challenges with our full line of in-home safety devices.

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Medical Monitoring Systems

Disclaimer: Products may vary by location

Personal Emergency Response System

These two-way devices provide real-time voice interaction with seniors and others in the event of a fall, sudden illness, or a medication misstep. As senior mobility decreases, these devices give them and their families a measure of peace of mind.

Medication Safety and Management

Our medication control devices help loved ones stay on track with their medication, day after day.

Home Monitoring Systems

Door and window alarms, bedside pressure mats and motion detectors enhance the security of many seniors living at home.

Around the Clock Monitoring Station

Our SafetyChoice care products connect via phone line to the Safety Choice Centralized Monitoring Station, staffed 24/7 with caring, knowledgeable associates ready to assist. The staff answers promptly and will stay on the phone until help arrives.

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A Comfort Keepers home visit will help determine the specific needs and demonstrate how these care products can help your senior stay safe while maintaining independence in the home.

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