December 6, 2015

Ending Senior Hunger One Bowl of Soup at a Time

The Comfort Keepers® of Sheboygan was recently featured on the front page of the Sheboygan Press because of their efforts to end senior hunger! They are teaming up with a local restaurant, Margaux, and the Sunny Ridge Senior Rehabilitation Center to raise money. They are going to home deliver soup orders placed at Margaux’s, and the proceeds from the soup sales will be donated to the Salvation Army.

“Our mission is, it’s always important to help those in need, especially our senior population,” said Kim Murrow, community outreach director at Comfort Keepers.

This is not the first time Comfort Keepers of Sheboygan has done their part for the Feed Seniors Now™ campaign.  In the spring, Comfort Keepers held a similar fundraiser for the Salvation Army but instead of soups, they sold homemade salads and raised $400.

Since it is the winter, the office decided to put their focus on warm, hearty soups. They are offering to deliver orders of 5 or more to homes if ordered by January 17th. All other orders can be picked up at Margaux on January 24th.

Comfort Keepers is proud of their Sheboygan franchise that is well on its way to end Senior Hunger in their area.

Check out the online version of their article in the Sheboygan Press:

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