Keep yourself warm this winter season

With the high demand for healthy foods nowadays, it is hard to not feel guilty when eating your favorite comfort foods. Mac and Cheese, ice cream, chicken pot pie, just to name a few, are delicious but not so healthy. Luckily, Comfort Keepers® has found alternate recipes and would like to share them with you! Make these for your family, your Senior or yourself when a little extra comfort is needed:

 Bacon Mac N Cheese: Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? It is a childhood favorite and a big comfort food. This recipe, including the bacon, is under 400 calories per serving. Find the recipe here:

Speedy Chicken Pot Pie: Not only is this a quick meal to make, it is a lighter version of the traditional favorite. With an unusually substitute for a pie crust, this will be a family hit and can be made in 20 minutes! Find the perfect cold night pot pie here:

Shepherd’s Pie: This recipe is surprisingly flexible. Add extra vegetables or do not use any that picky eater’s in the family will not like. Surprisingly light, this is sure to become a hit with your family or your Senior. Find the ingredients list and recipe here:

Quinoa Pizza Bites: Pizza is usually a go-to-dinner for busy families. This recipe gives the satisfaction of having the comfort of Pizza but is not terrible for your health at all. Since it is made with Quinoa instead of dough, it can be eaten by those that need to eat gluten free. Quinoa is also a big source of protein! Find the innovative recipe here:

Cheesy Potatoes: You must be thinking, “how can cheesy potatoes ever be healthy?!” We found the recipe that is not only healthy, but low cholesterol! These are a quick fix and satisfy the cheesy potato craving that is bound to happen this winter season. Find the recipe here:

What is your favorite comfort food? Have you come up with substitute ingredients to make it healthier? Leave a comment below about your most current recipe attempts!

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