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Elder Care Tips: Creating a Safe Home

Nothing about elder care concerns relatives and friends more than the safety of their loved one. Researching and implementing the right equipment for home use can ease a great deal of the discomfort when it comes to the security of a senior. There are many different steps families can take to ensure the well being of their senior whether the caregiver is present or not. Below are safety tips on two problem areas for seniors: stairs and bathrooms.

Stair Safety

Many homes come furnished with some form of stairs whether they are attached to a porch or provide access to a different level of the home. These can, however, be a safety hazard if the proper precautions are not taken. For proper elder care safety, it is important to make sure the area around the steps is well lit. While the senior may be aware that they are approaching steps because they know the layout of the home, they can still miss a step or two if the area is not well lit. There are many plug-in lights for nighttime illumination that will not disturb a sleeping home.

It is also important that the steps be free of debris. While it is inevitable that things happen and something may fall out of pockets, hands or bags, regularly checking the area reduces the likelihood of the senior tripping or falling over things.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is the one place every elder caregiver should be concerned about. It is the one room in the home most, if not, all seniors must go to at some point or another. Putting up rails next to the toilet and in the tub ensure the senior has something to grab on to if they slip. To ensure proper installation, a professional should be hired to put these in place. 

Get Help

Families should never be too prideful or busy to seek out the help of a professional in planning elder care safety. Comfort Keepers endorses its own SafetyChoice® products to ensure the security of seniors. Call today to learn about our Personal Emergency Response Systems, Safety Rugs and other safety products. Our staff is on call 24/7 to answer questions about all Comfort Keepers services and products.

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