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September 18, 2015

Edwin is extremely sensitive to the needs of his clients to ensure they have the support they need and they still are empowered to enjoy their life. He lets them make choices with his help. He started with Comfort Keepers® over two years ago and has demonstrated the qualities of a top Comfort Keeper® – caring, sensitivity to the needs of his clients with professionalism and confidence. He builds a strong rapport with them by gaining the trust of his client’s family with the way he cares for them.

The family of one of his clients requested a female caregiver because they found their father resented being told what to do by his male physical therapist. Based on an assessment, the office suggested they try Edwin for one day. Through his quiet, but attentive manner, Edwin won them over. The daughter wrote, “He has exemplary skills in care taking with gentle, kindness and attention.

Many of his clients have been at the end of life. He just blends in with the family, but ever is attentive to his client’s needs. Caregiving has been more frequently associated with women, because the stereotype is that they are more caring, gentle and nurturing. But Edwin disproves this generalization. He is all those and more. Because that is how he is, a CARE-GIVER in the truest sense of the word.

Please join us, and his local office, in thanking Edwin for all he does for those in need. Do you know someone who could used a Comfort Keeper like this? Our Local Office Finder will help you find the closest office.

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