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The Great Outdoors: Tips for Beating the Heat in August

Tips for Beating the Heat in AugustAugust is typically known as the hottest month of summertime. Temperatures in many regions across the nation skyrocket, making various outdoor activities somewhat challenging. This can be especially true for seniors as they are more susceptible to the dangers of overheating during the summer months. However, just because it is hot outside, seniors should not be encouraged to hibernate indoors all day.

While actual outdoor activities, such as tennis or bike rides, should be avoided during the intense heat of the day there are other events seniors can enjoy that will get them out of the house without exposing them to prolonged periods of heat. If you live near your senior loved one, you can accompany him or her on these outings. If not, encourage the senior in your life to gather a group of friends together for some fun and socializing. Whether you are a senior or the friend/family member of a senior, these activities provide a way to beat the heat for all ages.

  • Go to the movies - - There are many movies seniors would enjoy seeing. Splurge on popcorn (if appropriate) and other favorite goodies while enjoying the chill of the theater's air conditioner.
  • Visit a museum - - Organize an outing to take in the latest art exhibit at a local museum. Friends can socialize and have fun critiquing famous works of art.
  • Join a fitness club with an indoor swimming pool - - This is a common way many seniors stay active during hot summer months, as well as year-round. In fact, many seniors are members of facilities, such as YMCAs so they can exercise indoors and not have to endure extreme heat outdoors while maintaining physical health. Many of these organizations offer group exercise classes and other activities, such as book and plant swaps, bingo and group outings designed with seniors in mind.
  • Attend an event or seminar at the local library - - Many local libraries hold monthly events geared toward the senior population in their communities. Check the paper for event listings or contact the library for an event calendar.
  • Go out for lunch - - Encourage seniors to treat themselves to lunch at their favorite restaurant. Whether dining alone, with relatives or friends this keeps seniors active and engaged socially when they otherwise might stay indoors all day.

These are just a few things seniors can do to get themselves out of the house while  keeping cool during the "Dog Days of Summer." Check with your local area chamber of commerce for other indoor events.  Although many seniors tend to isolate themselves as they age, they need not stay indoors alone to avoid the heat. It is important to help seniors be active physically, mentally and socially. Even though the above events occur indoors, seniors still have to go outdoors to get there. While driving to planned functions, they get to look out of the car window and take in the sights. Most importantly, seniors get to enjoy a little bit of sunlight in the process and experience a bit of the great outdoors.

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