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Providing Protective Measures with At-Home Health Care

When providing at-home health care, it is important to ensure that the senior continues to feel safe and secure in their environment. Incorporating protective measures, such as physical exercise or self-defense classes can help improve the elderly loved one's quality of life and creates a sense of empowerment.

As a person ages, reaction times begin to slow, environmental awareness decreases and the inability to protect oneself in a potentially life-threatening situation can create real danger. Attributes like physical and cognitive strength are often taken for granted and many people do not realize their value until once easy tasks begin to become more difficult for them.

Aging in place has become the number one choice for most seniors. However, the unfortunate situation of illness, injury or loss of a spouse can cause an elderly loved-one to feel vulnerable in their own home.  Non-frightening situations, such as answering their door can begin to elicit fear for an individual who has lost their confidence in their ability to protect themselves. Comfort Keepers®, the compassionate and professional home care service, prides itself in providing the highest quality at-home health care to seniors. Through their services, they will aid the senior in getting back on their feet and continuing to live life to the fullest.

Whether it is physical decline, the loss of a spouse or the loss of mental acuity, it is not too late to help an elderly loved-one reclaim some of their independence and self-confidence. At-home health care programs can often offer assistance with self-defense classes by providing them in-home for an individual or by providing transportation to and from the class itself. There are many benefits for learning how to properly protect oneself, should a situation occur. Local workshops will provide the senior:

  • With skills to increase their awareness of their surroundings and how to detect potentially threatening situations
  • Increased confidence and sense of empowerment
  • A forum to address any worries and concerns they may have
  • Physical defense skills geared toward their age group

Call Comfort Keepers today to find out how they can help an elderly loved-one find classes or workshops in their area and how they can soon be on their way to living a way of life that is healthy, confident and safe.

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