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February 25, 2014

Non-Medical Home Care Helpful in Cold Weather Months

Comfort Keepers® provides high-quality non-medical home care services to help seniors who live independently. As the weather grows colder and daylight hours grow shorter in most areas around the country, many of us take to the indoors for warmth and comfort. However, for many seniors, especially for those who live alone, cold weather months can pose many challenges. To those who already experience reduced mobility, cold weather can further deter travel, leaving seniors to spend most of their time inside their homes.

Especially when family members and loved ones live far away and are unable to travel to seniors' homes on a regular basis, non-medical home care proves quite valuable. For instance, according to the AARP, seniors can face a host of unexpected issues during the winter months, including vitamin D deficiency or seasonal affective disorder due to lack of exposure to sunlight, and respiratory disorders due to increasingly cold temperatures paired with lack of regular exercise.

Non-medical home care providers such as Comfort Keepers can help to ensure that seniors stay comfortable and receive the care that they require, especially during these colder seasons. Non-medical home care providers assist seniors with a number of daily tasks which may become difficult in the wintertime, such as transportation to and from appointments, assistance with shopping and medication reminders, and providing important companionship services.

Companionship services can prove especially helpful in the wintertime, as seniors who have regular companions are shown to be more active and motivated to get out and about on a regular basis and to engage in activities and exercise that are essential to maintaining good health, both physically and emotionally. Not to mention, companions can prove helpful by simply alleviating the feeling of isolation or cabin fever that can accompany cold and snowy days.

Comfort Keepers' non-medical home care providers are available to help seniors stay healthy, active and happy, even during drab winter days. Comfort Keepers' in-home care providers can assist seniors whenever needed, from part-time to live-in hours, and offer invaluable peace of mind to both seniors and their families.

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