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February 25, 2014

In-Home Elder Care Services

During the holidays, many families travel to take vacations or visit other family members.  During those times, they may want to consider in-home elder care during that time for their senior loved ones. Comfort Keepers® is an in-home elder care service dedicated to providing high-quality care to ensure the safety and happiness of seniors in their own homes.

In-home elder care service from Comfort Keepers allows primary caregivers to relax and know that their senior loved one is in caring hands. Time for Comfort Keepers' caregivers can be arranged for any situation, whether it's checking in every few days for a couple of hours or 24/7 round-the-clock care. Caregivers can assist with a wide range of tasks, ranging from personal care to home care.

In-home elder care providers can assist with helping the senior get dressed, bathing the senior, brushing teeth and even reminding the senior to take medications. Caregivers can also help with light household chores such as doing laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning dishes, taking out the trash and dusting. 

Another reason family members won't need to worry about their loved ones under the care of Comfort Keepers is that caregivers can also go grocery shopping and prepare fresh and nutritious meals for seniors. Among other errands like visiting the pharmacy or going to doctor appointments, caregivers can also take the senior out to lunch to enjoy a meal together or do fun activities at local recreation centers or take in a movie at the local movie theatre.

Comfort Keepers in-home elder care also offers a suite of technology to keep the senior safe while the family is away. With medication dispensing technology, the senior can be audibly prompted to take their medication on time, and the machine dispenses the correct dose of medicine at the correct time. With PERS, seniors have access to an emergency notification system, which would put them in touch with a Comfort Keeper right away in case of a fall or other emergency.

Families who are traveling for the holidays and who are looking for in-home elder care should look no further than Comfort Keepers.

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