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SafetyChoice® PERS with Caregiver Connect

Keeping Seniors Safe with a Direct Connection 24/7 

PERS with Caregiver ConnectComfort Keepers® SafetyChoice® Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) helps loved ones live safely and independently at home with the added benefit of a direct connection to a personal or family caregiver or, in some instances, a Comfort Keepers® office. You get dependable 24/7 centralized monitoring to ensure that help is always available.

In addition to the basic waterproof button, the SafetyChoice PERS allows the choice of adding a waterproof two-way voice pendant for extended voice connectivity that spans up to approximately three acres from the base unit.

The unit also features the ability to add a stationary HELP speaker button, while the CARETAKER button on the base unit keeps you connected at times when emergency help is not needed.

SafetyChoice offers a wide range of PERS products with a variety of ranges and features. Contact your Comfort Keepers office for more information. 


  • Compatible with standard tone landline and most VoIP
  • 24-houremergencybatteryback-up, should a power outage occur
  • EMERGENCY button on the base and/or pendant alerts the central monitoring station for help
  • CARETAKER button keeps you connected when it is not an emergency
  • Optional HELP speaker button
  • Multiplewaterproofpendant options, including an optional two-way voice pendant and range options for up to 1,000 feet
  • Friendly, professional representatives are on duty at the central monitoring station around the clock, and will stay on the line until help arrives 



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