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Snow Storm Safety

Published: Nov 19, 2012

Tips to keep yourself and others safe

So far this season has been fairly mild weather for many of us. Unfortunately, our luck is going to run out. The along with other various weather sources is positive we are going to be in for a wet winter. This means snow and a lot of it. As pretty as snow makes the holidays, it can be dangerous. Clearing driveways, walking on slippery pavement and driving on slick roads are everyday dangers during winter months. Comfort Keepers® has compiled a list of safety tips we want you to take and share with your loved ones.

Clearing Driveways:

  • Even though you are cold, you can still become dehydrated working outside. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after shoveling.
  • Check on elderly neighbors and close Seniors. They might not have the strength to clear their driveway.
  • After clearing all of the snow, spread salt to prevent the pavement from freezing.
  • Always lift from your legs. Taking all of your strength from your upper body can hurt your back. Do not try to fling snow long distances.
  • If you become overheated, return indoors until your body temperature returns to normal.


  • If at all possible, do not drive after a big snow storm. Snow plows are trying to clear the roads and cars in the way only delay the process.
  • Make sure your car has enough windshield wiper fluid. Anti-freeze fluid can help if temperatures are below freezing and your windshield is wet.
  • Always keep warm blankets in your car! If you are stuck somewhere without any heat, having blankets will save you from freezing.
  • In any weather, make sure you have enough gas in your car
  • Always allow yourself extra time to reach your destination in case the roads are bad and you have to drive extra slow.
  • Start your car and let it run for a few minutes before you drive to allow everything to warm up.

When out walking, try to avoid pavement without salt on it. The more salt the safer you will be and less likely you will be to fall. Knowing these safety tips will allow you to enjoy the beauty of snow. Share these with close friends and make sure your Senior knows you have a plan to take care of their snow shoveling after a storm.



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