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2012 Comfort Keeper of the Year – Sharon Elder

Published: Jun 17, 2013

Sharon can take a volatile situation or client and transform the issue into a loving and calm atmosphere. Not only does she transform the client’s environment, but more importantly their heart. Sharon was sent to a client that would make our Comfort Keepers® corner for the whole shift because she wasn’t amenable to us being there. The client has severe dementia. In talking to the son, we suggested giving Sharon a try because if she couldn’t work her magic, nobody else could. When Sharon went there and the client was so resistant, Sharon looked into her eyes and talked from her heart to this client. She said that each of us had a mission on earth and it was to love each other. The client took her hand, and they began looking at albums together and the stories of her life started rolling out.

Sharon touched many lives and one blessed family wrote about thanking Sharon for making it possible for them to spend the last month and a half of a client’s life with his family.They wanted the staff to know how much Sharon meant to him over the last couple of years. They we were in shock when we got the mid-night call.The doctor had told them just a few hours before that this uncle was in the last 6 months of life, so they were expecting more time. “Thanks again to Comfort Keepers® love and care you have shown him. He surely loved all of you.”

She is one of eight Comfort Keepers of the Year, and her story is one of many of our caregivers devoting their lives to changing the lives of their clients. Do you have a loved one that needs a caregiver like Sharon?


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