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2012 Comfort Keeper of the Year – Kristine Corey

Published: Jul 22, 2013

Kris is committed to bettering our clients’ lives; she never gives up and never says no. Kris worked every shift with a young client who suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident. This created many unique and challenging opportunities for her to shine as a caregiver. She had to know this client’s triggers and figure out ways to overcome them. These were very simple things such as not speaking to her when she was in another room or talking with too many hand gestures to very complex things as always keeping her on level ground and keeping noise levels and distractions to a minimum. On many occasions the clients’ husband would call and thank us for the care that Kris was giving to his wife. He explained how she improved every day under the care of Kris. This gentleman became emotional while telling us how much he appreciated the work that Kris did with his wife. He stated that for so long they felt a lost and alone, but that when Kris arrived things seemed to start falling into place for the family again. Kris always had a positive outlook and believed her client was going to get better.

The day that this client’s husband called to state that he no longer needed our care was a day of mixed emotions for everyone. The client was now able to shower, feed and dress herself and care for her two children, however sad that the relationship that had formed with Kris was now going to be ending. Today, the client is doing well; she is a stay at home mother and tends to the needs of her two children.

Please join us, and her local office, in thanking Kristine for all she does for those in need. Do you know someone who could used a Comfort Keeper like this? Our Local Office Finder will help you find the closest office.


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