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The Benefits of Water Exercise

Published: Aug 31, 2009

Many seniors give up on exercise as they age and movement becomes more difficult because of stiffer joints or decreased flexibility. But studies show that exercise is every bit as beneficial – if not more so for the elderly. A trend in activity for seniors is water exercise. Water exercise solves a number of exercise impediments for seniors.

  • It’s low impact, meaning that you’ll experience less joint wear and discomfort.
  • You can do it year round. As long as you have access to a pool, you can keep up your exercise program all year.
  • Tailored for seniors. Many local YMCA locations or health clubs offer inexpensive water aerobics or water movement classes that can be tailored for seniors.
  • It’s Fun. The grandkids don’t have to be the only ones having fun splashing in the pool. Water exercise can be a lot of fun.

Try it!

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