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Comfort Keepers® Help with Depression

Published: Apr 12, 2013

Depression can become more prevalent in Seniors as they age and experience major life changes. According to the CDC, 14% of Seniors have a case of minor depression. Depression can be triggered by a number of issues including losing a loved one,  moving to a new home, or just being isolated and feeling  alone. Comfort Keepers caregivers are skilled in helping combat the feelings of depression.

Here are four ways Comfort Keepers help to ward off minor depression.

  1. Transportation services: Comfort Keepers care providers offer transportation for seniors who live independently and may not otherwise be able to travel on their own. This includes taking trips to necessary doctor’s appointments, to pharmacies for prescription refills, or to a friend’s house or to a social setting such as a mall or coffee shop. The ability to maintain one’s freedom is both empowering and reassuring
  2. Shopping and meal preparation services: Also included in Comfort Keepers’ elder care services is food shopping and meal preparation. Often, diet and proper nutrition are contributors to overall physical and mental well being. When these things are in balance, seniors are more likely to feel healthier, stronger and motivated to participate in social and physical activities.
  3. Housekeeping services: Often, seniors face decreased mobility due to age, illness or injury. This makes housework and cleaning extremely difficult. In addition to becoming a fall hazard, an untidy home can contribute to feelings of isolation, dissatisfaction with one’s situation and decreased desire to invite visitors into the home. Elder care providers assist seniors with these light housekeeping duties, helping to maintain a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.
  4. Companionship services: Perhaps the most effective way to ward off or alleviate feelings of minor depression is to have consistent and meaningful interactions with friends, loved ones and companions. Comfort Keepers understands that this is often difficult for independent seniors to achieve. That’s why companionship plays an integral role in the service offerings that Comfort Keepers provides.  Positive interactions do wonders for emotional and physical wellness and helps motivate seniors to revisit previous interests and try new activities.

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