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Caring for Caregivers

Published: Jan 18, 2013

Take care of your loved one’s health as well as your own

The majority of our society understands the amount of time and care that is required when taking care of an elderly loved one. What a lot of people do not realize, both as an observer and as a caregiver them self, is the toll that it takes on them physically, mentally and emotionally. In many cases, the loved one requires 24 hour care and supervision and sometimes do not even remember simple things like their caregiver’s name. The combination of little to no rest, lack of interaction with others outside the home and worrying about everything from money to their loved one’s well-being is a recipe for depression.

Lisa Carson, a Comfort Keepers® franchisee owner in Lubbock, TX says she witnesses this all of the time. “Depression for caregivers is common,” she says and explains that the lack of interaction outside of the caregiver’s home with friends and family pushes them into further depression. Lisa suggests to all caregivers that they make an effort to take some time for themselves. This could be anything from taking a warm bubble bath with some candles and a good book, exercising by taking a yoga class or a long walk around the neighborhood a friend, or meeting a close family member for a cup of coffee. This is where Comfort Keepers® like Lisa come in.

Being a full time caregiver means it is difficult to find time to yourself. Comfort Keepers allows you the freedom to leave your home knowing your loved one is in good hands. Just a few hours of alone time is relatively inexpensive and extremely beneficial to your health. Comfort Keepers like Lisa are here to help – find your local Comfort Keepers office by visiting us at


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