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Senior Care Tips for Preparing the Home

Caregivers should ensure that their client's home is a secure, safe environment for them to live in.

Published: Feb 25, 2014

Senior Care Tips for Preparing the Home

Senior care providers should make sure that the home of an elderly-loved one or senior client is a safe and secure place to live. Often, a senior's home can present dangers, and the homes of seniors who live independently should be examined to make sure none of these dangers are present.

Comfort Keepers®, the compassionate and professional in-home senior care service provider, recommends these home modifications which can help to ensure that the senior's home is adequately safe, allowing the senior's family and loved ones to experience peace of mind. Comfort Keepers can offer years of experience when counseling seniors and their families about ways to make the home a safer place to live.

Some of the primary dangers in a senior's home are throw rugs, loose floorboards, clutter on the floors and in hallways and obstructed pathways. A senior care provider should check these things regularly and observe the senior in their home to notice if the layout of the furniture is causing problems.

If a couch or chair obstructs a well-used doorway, it could present a hazard. Walkways should be easy for a senior to navigate. If a coffee table in the living room presents a difficulty for seniors to maneuver, a senior care provider should recommend rearranging the layout of the room or removing the table entirely. Seniors should be able to walk effortlessly through their homes without constantly maneuvering furniture.

A simple home fix is to remove all clutter from floors, especially halls and walkways. Clutter, such as books, magazines, clothes, shoes and other objects, is easy to trip over which can cause serious injuries. Loose rugs and floorboards present tripping hazards and should be removed.

Additionally, many seniors struggle with stairs and can become tired even after ascending just one flight. Stairs also present a tripping hazard for many seniors. If a senior's bedroom is on the 2nd floor, considering rearranging the house so they do not have to constantly climb up and down flights of stairs.

By being observant, senior care providers can make sure their elderly loved-one is safe and secure as they live independently in the comfort of their home.


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