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5 Things to Know About Elder Care Service Providers

There are many elder care service providers, but what do your loved ones need? Check out these tips on what you should know before choosing.

Published: Aug 26, 2014

5 Things to Know about Elder Care Service Providers

Deciding mom or dad's needs that they need help with can be difficult. You hate to say it aloud, but your parents are growing older and their mobility, cognizance and physiques are changing. If you're a family searching for the best elder care service for your parents, it is important to identify which features people are drawn to in a provider.

  1. Official Papers 
    An especially important component you need to be aware of is licensing. Unfortunately, potential in-home care clients often don't check for elder care service providers' licenses, and that should be their very first step. Having a license holds a company to certain standards. Routinely, records get reviewed, homes are checked for safety, questions are asked of the family and client on quality of service, and patients are evaluated for any signs of neglect or abuse. 
  2. Best of the Best 
    At Comfort Keepers© we like to maintain a cozy home environment and provide the best skilled and trained associates. Professional medical assistance is sometimes needed in in-home care situations, and you want to ensure the company you choose hires highly qualified staff members. If you are researching elder care service providers and your mom or dad suffer from a special condition such as Alzheimer's Disease, surgery recovery or arthritis, find a provider with caregivers specializing in that field. 
  3. Choices 
    Each client is different, and the service they need may vary from senior to senior. If a family member is helping with the caregiving, they may only need respite care. A loved one may still be fairly mobile, but require help with housekeeping, meal preparation, errands or laundry. For more severe conditions, personal grooming, toileting assistance and feeding are essential. After analyzing the choices needed, selecting a company becomes easier.
  4. Best Pal 
    The personality of a caregiver is just as important as service performance. Does the staff radiate compassion and companionship? Does the staff give clients independence by including them in decision-making? It's hard to tell without experience. The easiest way to gauge a person is hearing from the people connected to them. Read personal testimonies and reviews. You'll find the true nature of the caregiver this way. 
  5. Investment 
    If you are researching elder care service providers, money is always an important topic of discussion. Estimate the value of your investment long-tem and explore financial aid options. 

Comfort Keepers is one of the leading elder care service providers in the country and has been ranked No. 1 in senior care by Entrepreneur magazine. As you search for the best fit, find out why you should consider Comfort Keepers and contact us for more information. 


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