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Elder Care Can Partner with Outside Providers for a Complete Home Care Solution

You and your loved one can benefit from the wide array of elder care services you'll receive when pairing outside care resources--such as assisted living, home health care, and nursing homes--with an in-home care provider.

Published: Feb 25, 2014

Elder Care Can Partner with Outside Providers for a Complete Home Care Solution

Seniors and their families can benefit from the complete range of services that result when an in-home elder care provider works in cooperation with outside care resources, such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health and hospice agencies.

Such partnerships can provide seniors a seamless, comforting, complementary transition of services to cover their full range of needs--to serve them in illness and recuperation.

These various services can complement one another as they offer seniors a complete care solution. Following are examples of how in-home elder care services can work in conjunction with various outside care services for the benefit of seniors and their families:

  • With home health care: The companionship, homemaking and personal care services of in-home care complement the skilled health care services, such as nursing and therapy, provided by a home health agency. Often home health care is provided following hospital care to help a senior or other adult client recuperate at home.
  • With a hospice agency: In-home elder care can be provided to complement the skilled nursing care provided by a hospice agency. The companionship and personal care services provided by an in-home elder care provider can help provide for the comfort, dignity and quality of life of the hospice patient, furthering the purpose of hospice care.
  • With a hospital: In-home elder care can help ease the transition from hospital to home for seniors who are just being discharged after a hospital stay for surgery or treatment of in injury or illness. Personal care and homemaking services can be tailored to meet their needs as they regain the strength and function needed for independent living.
  • With an assisted living facility: In-home elder care can be provided in an assisted living facility for those seniors who need additional help in maintaining independence.  An in-home elder caregiver also can help assure the safety of a senior in an assisted living facility.
  • With a nursing home: An in-home elder care provider can come into the nursing home to provide additional personal care services to extend the range of care that the nursing home staff can provide.

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