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Senior Home Care Activities?

From companionship to personal care and home care, Comfort Keepers offers comprehensive individualized plans for elderly loved ones.

Published: Feb 25, 2014

Senior Home Care Activities 

Comfort Keepers® senior home care offers many different services in local offices across the US. From companionship to personal care and home care, Comfort Keepers offers comprehensive individualized plans for elderly loved ones.

Highly customizable senior home care plans can range from a caregiver coming for a few hours a week to help with home chores like dusting, washing dishes, taking out the trash and stocking the fridge with fresh and healthy food to round the clock personal care. Caregivers are there to provide support in times of loneliness and a smile in times of joy. Companionship services are driven by Comfort Keepers' unique Interactive Caregiving(TM) techniques.

Interactive Caregiving from Comfort Keepers senior home care is designed to allow caregivers to truly understand seniors' likes and dislikes, and our caregivers - whom we call Comfort Keepers, - work hard to build a real relationship based on trust and comfort. Comfort Keepers love spending time with seniors, and as each caregiver gets to know the elderly loved one, the care becomes even more customized. For example, if a senior enjoys trying to be active a couple times a week, the caregiver can arrange activities like taking a swim at the recreation center, or showing the senior how to do some chair exercises to increase circulation and strength. If the senior loves a particular kind of music, the caregiver can find some of that music on a home computer or mobile phone.

Caregivers assisting with senior home care can also help the senior stay in touch with other family members by writing letters or postcards on behalf of the senior.  It has been shown that seniors who stay mentally engaged in everyday activities and participate in physical activities stay lucid for a longer period of time in cases of Alzheimer's or dementia as well. Comfort Keepers are specially trained to work with senior loved ones who have those diseases and keep them as safe and happy as possible.

Another activity caregivers and seniors can do together is prepare a meal. If the senior has an old family recipe or a newly discovered recipe they'd like to try, the caregiver and the senior can go to the store together, buy ingredients and spend time preparing a fresh meal. Not only does this activity allow the senior to stay active, but the caregiver can also teach the senior about nutrition. 

For more information about helping a senior loved one meet their nutrition needs, contact Comfort Keepers today!


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