What is the National Day of Joy?

At Comfort Keepers, our goal is to improve the lives of seniors and their families by elevating the human spirit. We believe that our uplifting in-home care can help provide seniors the things they desire in their lives – connectedness, love, meaning, purpose, hope and joy.

Joy is an emotion that we foster across our organization – with staff teams, caregivers, clients and their families. The best way to help parents and senior loved one’s experience joy is by

creating a culture that embraces a higher quality of life. We encourage everyone at Comfort Keepers to bring daily doses of joy to the people we provide care to, and to each other.

The Comfort Keepers National Day of Joy, celebrated on June 26, 2019, is our way of recognizing the importance of joy and inspiring staff, clients, caregivers, and communities to celebrate joy in the everyday.

What Brings Me Joy?

Joy is a feeling that we as Comfort Keepers want to share. I think about what our caregivers do every day and realize it is the little things that can mean the most.

Many of you shared personal stories with us about the ways that you, your staff and your caregivers bring joy to clients and each other. These 2 in particular made me smile:

"...Judy is a retired physical therapist and a lifelong pianist. She was too shy to play in front of her kids when they were young, but now plays for her caregiver, Kylie. Judy has never had any reservations about playing for Kylie, a 20-year-old nursing student that is like a granddaughter to Judy. Kylie always wanted to learn to play the piano, and recently asked Judy to teach her – and Judy agreed! So far, Judy has taught her to play “Happy Birthday.” While Kylie still hunts and pecks for the right keys, she is delighted to be learning something from her 77-year-old client. And, it makes Judy smile to realize that she can teach someone something that she enjoys..."

"...daily doses of joy provided by the caregivers were helping improve the quality of life for the client and his wife. Caregivers were even able to get the client out of the house to visit a neighbor that he hadn’t seen in some time. And, the client’s wife was able to schedule some much-needed respite care for herself because her beloved husband was in good hands….What made this memorable to me is not just what she said, but more HOW she said it…with joyous gasps of breath. She couldn’t believe this was even possible!  This couple now has some private time back and now find joy again in their own home..."

Whether personally or professionally, a smile from a friend, family member, co-worker, a franchisee or a client, is one of the most impactful things we can share. A smile can go a long way to help frame the day!

Here are random things that bring me joy:

  • Flowers in my “friendship garden’ all started with plants given to me for special occasions and replanted, so they come back every year to enjoy
  • Surprising a friend with a card sent to them in the mail. In this day of email and e-cards, I like sending cards to say ‘hello, I’m thinking of you.’
  • A good meal shared with family and friends, all sitting together to enjoy both the food and the conversations.
  • Laughter- that makes me smile when it is genuine and heartfelt.
  • Singing and music- whether it’s me hitting that high note (I’m not a soprano anymore!) or playing the car radio really loud with the windows down on a sunny day, music soothes the soul!
  • Seeing people connect with each other-friends, family, co-workers, and franchisees trading stories and ideas. We have more in common than we do differences as human beings!

I am lucky to be able to do what I love and create events and promotions that impact people in positive ways for CKFI/Comfort Keepers.

-Joni Magnus-Ramsey, Sr. Marketing Manager, Events & Cause Marketing

P.S. That client, Judy, who plays the piano for her Comfort Keeper, is my beloved mom!

What brings you joy?

June 26th National Day of Joy Open House

Comfort Keepers offices are part of their community and want to celebrate! Locations around the country will be holding open house celebrations on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019. See below for participating locations.

National Day of Joy in the News