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Columbus, OH Senior Solutions for Elder Care Services Including 24 Hour Home Care

There's a growing demand for in-home elder care services for the pensioners of Columbus Ohio as its elderly population grows. Studies show that older folks who get to live at home fare better overall. This is when compared to those who stay in residential care facilities or take long hospital stays. The benefits of aging at home include better physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. After all, there's no place quite like home. Thanks to our caregiver services in Columbus, seniors now have a choice. There are even options for live-in, 24 hour home care help and support for those who need it.

Comfort Keepers of Columbus, OH Offer Part-Time Elder Care Services and 24 Hour Home Care Solutions

Our caregivers are a special kind of people. They genuinely care about the services they provide to clients and their families. We don't just turn up and help out—our job is much more involved than that. We custom prepare every single caregiver/client plan so that it fits in perfectly with the person's needs and their close family. Our elder care services can provide a fulltime, 24 hour home care program for those who need one. Alternatively, we can create a part time service, from a few hours to a few days per week. A lot of what we do is to also give much needed respite to a family carer. This helps to prevent them from suffering a condition we call caregiver-burnout.

Why Choose 24 Hour Home Care Over a Facility?

Many of the residential elder care services and facilities in Columbus Ohio do a fantastic job. Yet given the choice, the vast majority of seniors prefer to stay in their homes for the following reasons:

  • Surrounded by comfort and familiarity
  • Close to family and friends
  • Better for physical and mental wellbeing
  • People recover from accidents or operations faster at home
  • There's more privacy, dignity and independence
  • Beloved pets

Comfort Keepers of Columbus, OH can answer all your specific questions on our 24 hour home care and custom packages. Contact us today by message. Alternatively, you can phone us on (614) 699-6786 where one of our experienced carers will be waiting to take your call.


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